• Welcome to Ninfinance An ethereum network based cryptocurrency

    This is how you can unlock your financial freedom, invite your friends and family with your personal referral link and earn NFC (Ninfinance coin) that can be converted to either BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP or DOGE, when they join this platform with your link

  • We started from gathering memberss for our airdrop

    Everyone can participate, if cryptocurrency is legal in your country you can join our platform and earn NFC

  • This is an etherum based project ERC20 token, with total supply of 1,100,000,000 NFC, you can check our contract address or get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

    The total token we are capable to supply is 1,100,000,000 NFC, we can't create more, every of out participant will earn from this.

About this Projects.

Ninfinance is a blockchain networking project, ethereum based token that helps people around the world to have access to new dencetralized cryptocurrency, NFC will soon be listed on various exchanges such as, binance, cex, probit and more, but before then, we need to have alot of people to share the coin and that's why we want you to join our platform, everyone that participate will be rewarded in either BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP or DOGE, payment will be sent to your wallet when we start the coin airdropping

How to earn NFC.

You can earn NFC by performing simple task, having high peice on exchanges are not easy, our coin need to circulate and has higher trade volume on exchanges, everyone is rewuired to buy little amount of our coin before airdroping


Register and account with your personal ERC20 ETH wallet address or register with your telegram account with our telegram Robot


Copy your personal referral link and share it to the world, earn more NFC whenever people register with your link, the coin will be added immediately!


Withdraw your earnings when we start the coin airdropping, no minimum and no account is restricted, get paid to your wallet when distribution started.

Who Are We.

We are enlighten team, having experience about how cryptocurrency and blockchain works, app developer, web developers, computer programmers and blockchain developers, we work as ONE FAMILY, and this project is dedicated to everyone that want to earn new rising coin

Basic Process.

Register, invite members with your giving link, earn more NFC, wait for distribution announcement, follow the rules and get your NFC to your wallet

Our Mission.

Our misson is to become one of the most used coin in crypto market, we've been planning to launch this platform since 2018, now ninfinance is ACTIVE for everyone!

Meet Our Team.

Andrew Jean


The man with multiple talents, man with a vision, CEO of Ninfinance

Steve John

Project Developer

A programmer and experienced developer of Ninfinance

Rogger Allen


Co-Founder of Ninfinance

Curtis Luis

Community Manager

The community manager of Ninfinance, an active support

Ninfinance Is opened for everyone, you can start earning NFC too.

Get In Touch With Us.

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This is the offcial website of Ninfinance, beware of scammers, our support will never send you message, they'll never send you offer or ask for your account details


1620 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA
94043 US

Contact Details:

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